Trading Fees

Trading Fees for Stocks and Cryptocurrencies

In the past 20 years, I used Lim&Tan broker to trade stocks. I used Lim&Tan as they provide NTUC Linkpoints on the commission amount, which makes it really attractive during times when I trade almost everyday. I have so much linkpoints that I can use them to buy a basket of goods when I shop at NTUC.

Enters Moomoo and Tiger in 2021, which provides very low cost trading platform. However, we must always fund our Moomoo and Tiger accounts first before we can start trading, and the shares traded are not held under our names, unlike Lim & Tan Broker. However, I enjoy the low commission and trading fees offered by Moomoo and Tiger, and would put some money in both platforms for trading opportunities.

Comparison of fees (MooMoo, Tiger, Lim&Tan)

Comm0.03% of trade value (min. SGD 0.99 per trade)0.04% of trade value (no minimum)0.28% (minimum $25)
Platform Fee0.03% of trade value (min. SGD 1.50 per trade)0.04% of trade value (no minimum)

Then enters cryptocurrencies platform, I am using 3 currently, which are Gemini, FTX and Exchange. Exchange
Fees0.250% (Maker)
0.35% (Taker)
Based on Active Trader Platform

As a newbie in crypto, the volatility of the cryptomarket presents some excitement for me, but I like the HK and SG stock market better for now. Let’s observe a few more months.

By Wai Peng Chan

Born in sunny Singapore, my interests are in photography, videography, personal finance, cryptocurrency, botox and softwares.

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