Sky in Mongolia. Photo by Peng

My Crypto Journey Begins

My journey starts here. Feel free to browse around and hopefully the content helps you in your coin venture and personal finance too.

Please be advised that your money is your money. No part of this blog is considered financial advice as I am not a certified financial planner. Kindly do your own due dilligence on everything that involves money.

Photo: Sky in Mongolia. Photographed by Peng.
Mykonos, Greece. Photographed by Peng.

Explore Cryptocurrency

Amazing platforms to trade your cryptocurrencies and fun learning adventures are waiting for you. Earn some coins along the way.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

in Personal Finance. Check out blogs from the Sifus that I learned from. Mostly Singapore-based.

Hokkaido. Photographed by Peng.

Value-for-money hacks to stretch your Singapore Dollars.

From exotic food to new cafes, the list is almost endless and an offer for you.


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